Carlos A.M. Duarte

Carlos A. M. Duarte was born in Mozambique. Graduated as an industrial designer by
IADE – School of Design. He completed his Ph.D. on Production Engineering, in 2001, at
the University of Beira Interior and Agregado (German Habilitation) in
Electromechanical Engineering from the The University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto
Douro in 2012. He is (Full) Professor of IADE – Universidade Europeia and a member of
UNIDCOM/IADE – a Research Unit on Design and Communication. Today, he is Prorector
Universidade Europeia for International and Inter-Institutional Relations and
Director of Institutional Relations for Laureate Portugal.

Other appointments history:
• 2016 - 2017, Dean of IADE – Universidade Europeia;
• 2014 - 2016, Rector of IADE-U (Instituto de Arte, Design e Empresa –
• 2012 - 2015, Vice-President (Talent ID - Association for Research in Design,
Marketing and Communications);
• 2008 - 2014, President (IADE – Creative University);
• 2007 - 2012, Direction Board President (IADE – Marketing and Advertising
• 2006 - 2012, Direction Board President (IADE - Design School);
• 1996 - 2004, Coordinator, Team Group of Design and Production Engineering,
Optoelectronics Department (INETI - National Institute of Industrial Engineering
and Technology).

His scientific areas of research and interest focus on long waves applied to the history
of design, as well as the development methodologies that involved relativistic amounts
of information and Design. He was Chair of the following international conferences:
“Senses & Sensibility” Lisbon, September 2003; “Pride and Pre-Design” CUMULUS
Lisbon, May 2005; “Design & CC: SOS! – Design and Commercial Communications: Seek
Optimal Synergies”, Lisbon, November 2007; “40 IADE 40 from 1969 to 2049”, Lisbon,
October 2009; and “Senses & Sensibility in Lisbon: Design, Marketing, Advertising,
Photography and Visual Culture in the right place”, is going to be held on October 2011.

Universidade Europeia
Estrada da Correia, nº 53
1500-210 Lisboa (Portugal)

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