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read before registering

Registration process



1) Prepare photos (.JPG, .TIF, up to 20mb);

2) Upload the files to a file sharing service or

The system will generate the links you'll need to copy and enter into the registration form later;

3) Fill in the registration form


The organizing committee will receive your application, check for compliance with the project and send a link to the payment of the organizational contribution.


The organizing committee has the right to refuse participation, to transfer artworks to another nomination or to offer participation in another form (for example, offer remote participation instead of in-person). This is due to the work of several expert teams and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Additional award


Authors who believe that they have shown commitment to the great forms of Russian art and have made a great contribution to the art, have the opportunity to submit an application for consideration by the Expert Council of the Russian Art Award given merits and the award of personal medals or diplomas.
Please note: only those authors who have registered for the contest will be considered for additional award.