Rules of participation

Dates: september 10-18, 2022 
exhibition site: 

The west wing of the new tretyakov gallery

Registration deadline: September 4, 2022

Opening: September 10, 2022
Address: Moscow, Krymskiy Val st., 10
The west wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery
Central Hall of the Russian Union of Artists


forms of participation: in-person and remote





1) Original works;
2) Giclee;

Authors prepare their works for the exhibition themselves.




1) Photocopies in art-book
The organizing committee prints the sent files on paper and places them at the exhibition in the form of an art-book (A3, 4+0);

2) Photocopies on paper in frame and passepartout
The organizing committee prints the sent files, frames them (40*50 cm) and places them at the exhibition.

3) Photocopies on canvas and subframe: 
The organizing committee prints the sent files on the canvas and places them at the exhibition. 

Canvas dimensions: formats A2, A1, A0.

Attention: After the exhibition, the author can receive a canvas or a photocopy on paper free of charge within a week.


The author independently chooses a nomination for his work to participate in. The Organizing Committee will preview the works by the sent photo images and may change the nomination or transfer the work from the in-person participation to the remote. 

Works registered within the specified time and confirmed by the organizing committee, will participate in the competition program.


We DO NOT allow:
a) Works that violate the social norms of the Russian Federation;
b) Works on political topics;
c) Works offensive to religious feelings and personality.


The decision of the Organizing Committee regarding the above exceptions is final and is not up for discussion.






"In-person" works (originals, giclee)


Works can be sold if the transaction is made in the organizing committee. In this case, the organizing committee will draw up the necessary papers for the removal of the work from the exhibition. 


On the territory of the New Tretyakov Gallery all sales are strictly prohibited!


"Remote" works, photocopies

If customers wish to purchase works submitted remotely, the author must be able to provide the original work within 10 working days. 




Registration process


Step 1:


1) Prepare photos (.JPG, .TIF, up to 20mb);

2) Upload the files to a file sharing service or . The system will generate the links you need to copy and enter into the registration form later. 


Step 2:


Note: If you've got more than 1 artwork, register each of your artworks separately.
1) Choose your preferred form of participation: in person or remote;
2) Upload the files to the file sharing service or

3) Fill in the necessary information on the registration form

   а) Registration for "Painting" and "Graphics" sections

   б) Registration for "Sculpture", "Arts&Crafts" and "Textile"

   в) Registration for "Photography", "Design" and "Digital art" section

Step 3:


After the organizing committee confirms your participation, you will receive a link to pay the organizational contribution.

See the cost of participation in the section "Organizational contribution". Cost is indicated for one artwork for the whole duration of the exhibition.

Note: After paying the registration fee, please send a copy of the payment to 

step 4:


Information for in-person participants:

In-person participants prepare art objects for exhibition in the exhibition space.

Attention: Each work must contain hinges, hooks, etc., for hanging; large art objects must have devices to prevent them from falling or stands for exhibiting.

Materials that have to be submitted with the work:

a) Label for each work: - Download labels in Word, PDF;

b) Transfer act: - Download transfer certificate in WordPDF

Places of reception of works for the exhibition:

1) Service entrance to the West Wing of the New Tretyakov gallery (Moscow, Krymskiy Val st., 10); Works are submitted to the exhibition strictly on August 17, 2022, from 10:00 to 15:00 (10AM - 3PM).

2) Preliminary - to the organizing committee (Moscow, Krymskiy Val st., 8/2, "Eurasian Art Union" office). If you transport your artworks by car, it is necessary to call or text (via Whatsapp) on +7 (925) 022-33-03 with the following information: car brand, car number, name of the driver.

The organizing committee will move the paintings to the exhibition.

Transportation cost: 300 rubles (for members of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Eurasian Artistic Union) and 500 rubles for all other groups of artists).


Information for remote participants:

The Organizing Committee will print and exhibit the works according to the requests. Remote participants can visit the exhibition and programs free of charge.

In-person and remote participants both attend the competition program and have equal rights.




GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (for all participants)

To register art objects for the competition program, authors send the necessary materials to the organizing committee (section  "Registration"). Photos of works shouldn't be less than 200 dpi, less than 1200 pixels at the lesser side and should be in .JPEG or .JPG, in RGB mode, file size from 1 to 20 MB. Only trademarks and authorship signatures are allowed on the images.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (for remote participants):

After registration, the author receives official confirmation from the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee prints the submitted files and presents photocopies of the contest art objects at the exhibition site. The author can choose whether their works will be presented in an art book, in a frame or on canvas. One file should contain one competitive work. At the end of the exhibition the organizing committee sends the participant or winner diplomas by mail.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (for in-person participants):


After sending registration materials and receiving the confirmation from the Organizing Committee, participants provide their works for the exhibition.
"In-person" artworks must be prepared for display on vertical stands:
a) Have hooks, hinges or eyelets for suspension;
b) Have a rigid base (passepartout, frame, subframe, etc.)
It is necessary to pay special attention to the strength of hinges and eyelets.
Together with the art object provided for the exhibition, the applicant passes the "Card / Transfer act", which will be the basis for the subsequent issuance of competition works at the end of the exhibition (download in WordPDF).

At the end of the exhibition, art objects are returned upon presentation of the "Card / Transfer act".



The Expert Council (jury) assesses the competitive works. The Expert Council consists of the following professional groups:
a) members of artistic unions and associations;
b) representatives of specialized media;
c) representatives of production companies;
r) art critics.
The work of the Expert Council (jury) includes the assessment of the art objects submitted to the competition on a 10-point system.

Scores will be summed and winners will be determined based on their arithmetical mean.



At the end of the exhibition, all participants will receive diplomas of the participant (the number of diplomas corresponds to the number of competitive works). All participants will receive diplomas in electronic and paper form.



All works will be printed in full-colour catalogue published in both Russian and English: "Российская Премия Искусств | Russian Art Award" 

To book a catalogue, fill in
"Waiting list"

A signature, stamp or any other identification mark of authorship is allowed at any place of the image. Subsequently, competitive images are published with the author’s sign. Inscriptions with the names of art objects on the front side are not allowed.



Copyright and all other rights remain with the artist. If art objects are provided for the competition by the representative of the author (producer), the responsibility for the authorship lies with the applicant. The Organizing Committee has the right to use the name (alias) and photo images of art objects participating in the competition and exhibition in order to promote and popularize international projects organized by the World Arts Foundation, and non-commercial use as illustration and publication in the media. All participants understand that any image submitted to the competition can be used by the project for marketing and promotional purposes, including non-commercial publication in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media.

Entering the contest, the author agrees that the photos of them, their artwork and labelling will be included in the catalogue.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for art objects and their photo images provided in violation of the competition rules or for those who violate copyright, as in this case the person applying for participation in the competition program (applicant) is responsible.




Participating in the project, the author agrees to the inclusion of their phone and e-mail in the free newsletters notifying about the project in Russia and abroad.
If the author wishes not to implement this free service, the author must inform the Organizing Committee about it in any of the following ways:
a) Requesting the exclusion of your phone and/or e-mail address to the Organizing Committee (listed on the site under "Contacts")
b) By sending an SMS request to exclude your phone and/or e-mail: +7(925) 053-70-00.

registration closes in:

5 Days 05 Hours 58 Minutes 01 Seconds

Registration deadline: September 4, 2022 inclusive

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